Subsequent Mastering was created by Joe Caithness in 2008.

Hundreds of records have been mastered, transferred and restored at Subsequent Mastering since its beginnings as a small boutique mastering service.

In 2015 a new facility was designed and built from scratch to suit the needs of an ever expanding clientele.

The room is built around a custom, one of a kind, mastering monitoring system. It implements a fully open ended high-end analogue and digital processing rig. A large part of the studio is designed and customised by our engineers.

We are proud to be a part of the audio studio complex of First Love Studios. The facility is a welcoming and cosy place to work on projects. We provide refreshments, a client listening sofa with access to plug sockets and WIFI.

Parking is free all day in a secure car park. At Subsequent Mastering we encourage drop ins, consultations and preliminary listening sessions.

We are happy to show you how we work and allow you to hear your audio the way we do.

Please feel free to arrange a drop in consultation now:

Joe Caithness: Head Mastering Engineer / Owner

“Hello, my name is Joe and I run Subsequent Mastering. I set up the company in 2008 at the age of 21 in a small room with a few plugins and some ok nearfield monitors. Over the years I built up a large clientele from being involved in underground music and DJ-ing and slowly but surely built up a serious analogue and digital processing rig.

From 2008 I have been a sole trader in this industry through all its ups and downs and feel I have a unique outlook on the mastering and audio biz. In 2013 I re assembled my mastering rig at the brilliant First Love Studios in Nottingham in a large room, with the view to building my dream mastering facility. Along the way I teamed up with Dallas Simpson of dallas MASTERS as he came to the end of his long and illustrous mastering career to make a facility suitable for true high end mastering, transfer and restoration. This stuff is what gets me out of the bed in the morning and I really couldn't see myself doing anything else.” - Joe

Dallas Simpson: Assistant Mastering Engineer / Legacy Format and Transfer Specialist

Since the early 90s Dallas has been involved in the mastering business at originally Serendipity and then his own company dallas MASTERS. Now officially retired from that company, Dallas has become a vital part of Subsequent Mastering both as an auxiliary engineer and deeply experienced audio specialist, especially when it comes to vintage digital and audio formats. Dallas is particularly well known for his binaural sound art and multimedia projects, which he is as busy with as ever. (link here to that stuff) Dallas is on hand for complicated two person audio jobs, as well as a consultant for the studio as a whole on many levels.

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Tom Smith: Junior Mastering Engineer

The newest addition to Subsequent Mastering is Tom Smith. He is a DJ and composer, keen on ambient music and modular synthesis.

Brad Cook: Junior Mastering Engineer

A recent addition to Subsequent Mastering is our in house junior freelance engineer Brad Cook. He works independently of Joe in a business sense, but is part of the team on hand for projects where necessary and is part of the team maintaining and optimising the studio.