Although it can be interesting, educational and very occasionally vital to know, it is important to remember that a gear list is just a list of tools available.

We can perform pure digital processing both in and out the box. Pure analogue processing is also available, with quarter inch reel to reel at either side (and everything in between).

The studio is built around an “open ended” design, so any signal can go in any direction and in any order. We believe this gives the client and engineer absolute flexibility in approach to the audio.

The most important piece of gear, and what really makes or breaks a project is the engineer.


  • Custom full range Hi Q mastering loudspeakers, amplifiers and routing

  • Mytek DAC

  • Coleman Audio and the t.meter audio metering

  • RME digital audio analysis software

  • Plextor Plextools Optical Drive Analysis software (CD/DVD)


  • Prism ADC (primary ADC1)

  • Lucid ADC (modified) (primary ADC2)

  • Mytek DAC (primary DAC)

  • TC Electronic ADC/DAC

  • RME 8 channel ADC/DAC

  • Voxengo r8brain pro digital resampler

Audio Processing

  • API 2500 VCA Compressor

  • Neve 33609/J Precision Stereo Limiter/Compressor

  • Watson Audio / Roger Foote Stereo Mastering Compressor

  • Watson Audio Modified Dual NTP 179-400 racked Analogue Limiters

  • Watson Audio “250” Mastering Equalizer

  • Watson Audio “Light/Dark” Mastering Equalizer

  • TC Electronic M5000 with MD2 Multiband Dynamics & Toolkit

  • TC Electronic Powercore with MD3 Multiband Dynamics

  • DMG Equilibirum Equalizer

  • Voxengo Elephant Mastering Limiter

  • plus various plug-ins...


  • Reel to Reel quarter inch (pitch and catch)

  • Vinyl (18-80rpm)

  • Acetate / Shellac discs (18-80rpm)

  • Mitsubishi x86HS Pro-Digi Digital Reel to Reel (up to 96kHz 16 bit)

  • Audio Compact Cassette (all Dolby NR types)

  • Minidisc (all longplay modes)

  • DAT (Digital Audio Tape)

  • DCC (Digital Compact Cassette)

  • PCM audio (legacy digital audio storage medium - VHS, Betamax & Umatic)

  • Many many more! Full for transfer/restoration gear please visit our page here.