"I'm based in France. Been making music since 8 years now. Never ever have I heard such mastering on my tunes before Joe did his things. The man is a pro, will give you a lot of advice if your mix isn't on point, and very nice by the way. I now recommend him to all my friends who need a perfect mastering at a more than decent price."

- John Vitesse

"I'll now recommend Joe to everyone I know. His attention to detail and vast knowledge is amazing. Just by taking time to explain his process made me come away thinking much differently about my mixes and in the end we came away with a better result.

In a market saturated with 'easy' online Mastering. There's still nothing like good old face to face service. It helps that Joe did a great job on the record too!!"

- Luke Whittemore

"Great knowledge, gear and room - coffee also satisfied."

- Robin Newman

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