Transfer & Restoration

One of the unique qualities we provide at Subsequent Mastering is the ability to receive the widest range of audio formats possible and transfer these into future-proofed digital audio files. Industry standard audio restoration and analysis capabilities can be found in-house, for both analogue and digital sources. Furthermore we have two fully serviced and working 1/4" inch tape machines for printing analogue masters. Tape layback services available at request.

For digital audio resampling, metadata editing and any detective/consultation work you desire just get in touch.

Whether for short one-off projects or bulk transfer, personal or commercial use, we have the facilities and staff on-site to fulfil your request.

Transfer / Restoration / Consultation & Other Audio Processing is charged by the hour.

Projects can range from flat transfers to full remaster for commercial reissue. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

Available formats

  • Reel to Reel Tape (Tape Baking included) (Multi-track transfer available at request)

  • Vinyl (18-80 rpm)

  • Acetate/Laqcuer/Shellac discs (18-80 rpm)

  • Audio Compact Cassette (aka Cassette Tape)

  • Digital Reel to Reel tape (ProDigi Mitsubishi format up to 96kHz 16bit)

  • VHS audio channel

  • DAT (Digital Audio Tape)

  • DCC (Digital Compact Cassette)

  • Minidisc (all longplay modes)

  • PCM Audio (up to 18bit on VHS, Betamax, Umatic)

  • Audio CD/CDr

  • MOdisk Multitrack

  • Exabyte (legacy DDP storage)

  • DLT

  • Hewlett Packard drive

  • More legacy storage formats for digital masters.

Transfer / Restoration Equipment

  • Studer A810 1/4” inch reel to reel tape player/recorder

  • Tascam BR20 1/4” inch reel to reel tape player/recorder

  • Tape Baking Oven

  • Pro-ject transfer turntable (33/3rpm and 45rpm) w/ various Ortofon carts / stlyi

  • Goldring Lenco GL75 (18rpm to 80rpm) w/ various Shure mono / stereo carts / styli

  • Full vinyl cleaning kit/materials

  • Tascam 202 compact cassette player/recorder

  • Marantz PMD502 compact cassette player/recorder

  • Panasonic AG770 VHS player/recorder (with balanced/line level outputs)

  • Fostex D5 DAT player/recorder

  • Phillips DCC 730 DCC player/recorder

  • Sony MDS JE780 minidisc player/recorder

  • Sony PCM 501es digital audio processor (for legacy PCM audio formats)

  • Marantz PMD321 CD player

  • NAD 524 CD player

  • CTS 8510e Exabyte (50 pin parallel SCSI) 8mm DAT tape drive  

  • SureStore DLT40

  • Hewlett Packard C1579A

  • DLT Tape Drive (DVD Masters)
DLT (50 pin parallel SCSI, Centronix interface) tape drive

  • SCSI Hard Drive caddy for removable SCSI 3.5 inch hard drives 

  • Izotope RX digital restoration stand-alone software

  • Sonnox restoration plug-ins

  • SADIE digital audio workstation (seperate pitch and catch system available)

  • Wavelab Digital Audio Workstation